Shiraz Restaurant Elmsford, NY


Shiraz Persian Restaurant

Did you know that Persians where cooking great food before Europe was born? The food that we prepare is not your typical Mediterranean fare. Our Persian Cuisine is not just about garlic and Oil. You will find an absence of grease in our cooking; our food is healthful and very delicious. Are you looking for a dining experience that you will love? Come visit us at Shiraz Persian Restaurant in Elmsford, NY

Persian Cuisine At Its Very Best In Westchester, NY

Our dishes are exotic!  Here’s where you encounter a great dining experience. At our restaurant you will not find burgers or fries, pasta or pizza. What you will find is some of the tastiest, healthiest food you’ll ever have on this earth. Have you ever tasted Ground lamb pressed gently around a skewer? Lamb loin marinated in a Persian special sauce? or a succulent Cornish Hen? You’ll want to taste our dry mint on yogurt and rice. We mix our own yogurt dressing and dips. Try the one we make with our own Persian shallots.

Come see why our restaurant is consistently rated “The Very Best” in Middle Eastern fare in the NY area. Visit us at 83 East Main Street Elmsford, NY or call us at 914 345 6111 Taste the difference our cuisine makes.

We are open Tuesday Till Sunday 10 am Till 10 pm (Closed On Monday’s)

Please visit our market next door “Shiraz Mediterranean Market” for all your hard to find ingredients to prepare that perfect, home made Middle Eastern Dish.